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100: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 100 -Tiffany Yancey – How I got two scripts turned into BET+ hit movies

Our newest podcast guest is #TiffanyYancey - a talented actress, producer, and screenwriter.

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About Tiffany Yancey

Tiffany Yancey, an actress, producer, director, and screenwriter, has achieved great success in the film industry, with two of her scripts being turned into hit movies on the BET+ platform. In a recent conversation with Floyd Marshall on his podcast, Yancey shared her journey and how she made her dreams a reality.

Yancey's career in the film industry began over 20 years ago when she started as an actress in her early twenties. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she pursued her passion for acting and took classes, went to auditions, and performed in theater productions. However, she felt something was missing from her life and decided to explore other avenues in the industry.

After taking a break to have her daughter, Yancey realized that her passion for acting was calling her back. She began working on short films with friends and even produced her movie, "Love Malone," which won awards at film festivals. This experience inspired her to delve into screenwriting, and she came up with her next idea, a romantic comedy called "Chasing the Butterflies."

Through networking and building relationships in the industry, Yancey met Tressa Smallwood, the founder of MegaMind Media. Smallwood was impressed with Yancey's ideas and encouraged her to pursue screenwriting seriously. Yancey started taking classes, got a mentor, and honed her skills in writing scripts.

When Smallwood secured a deal with BET, Yancey saw an opportunity to pitch her script. However, BET was looking for Christmas films then, so Yancey had to think on her feet. She took her script for "Chasing the Butterflies" and transformed it into a Christmas movie, renaming it "Holiday Heartbreak." Despite facing rejection for almost two years, Yancey remained determined and rewrote the script to fit the holiday theme.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Yancey's film "Holiday Heartbreak" was produced and released on BET, which was an extraordinary feat. The success of her first movie opened doors for more opportunities, and Yancey continued to build her slate of projects and strengthen her relationship with MegaMind Media.

Yancey's talent didn't stop at screenwriting; she also found herself teaching others about the craft. Despite initially hesitating to take on the role of a teacher, Yancey felt compelled to help aspiring writers who reached out to her. Additionally, she contributed to MegaMind Media's BT Her Health initiative by submitting two concepts for short films on breast cancer awareness and mental health in black women. One of her concepts, "Black Girl Erupted," was selected and showcased on BT Her.

Tiffany Yancey's journey in the film industry is a testament to perseverance and seizing opportunities. Through her passion, hard work, and the support of mentors and collaborators, she turned her ideas into successful scripts that became hit movies on BET+. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers and filmmakers, showing that with dedication and determination, dreams can become reality.

In conclusion, Tiffany Yancey's journey in the film industry highlights her success in getting two scripts turned into hit movies on the BET+ platform. Her dedication to her craft, networking, and perseverance played vital roles in her achievements. Aspiring filmmakers can draw inspiration from Yancey's story and learn from her experiences as they pursue their own dreams in the industry.


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