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101: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 101 – New Hollywood – How Evette Vargas Created an Entire Movement on Clubhouse and Beyond.

Our podcast guest, Evette Vargas, shares her insights on the future of Hollywood and her groundbreaking work on Clubhouse.

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Evette Vargas, an award-winning writer, director, and producer in the film industry, has created a movement on Clubhouse and beyond known as "New Hollywood." Through her work and advocacy, Vargas has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

Vargas's journey in the industry began with a passion for visual storytelling, which she explored through drawing, painting, and writing. After studying fashion and graphic design at FIT in New York, she decided to pursue her true passion for storytelling. Vargas researched NYU's film school and enrolled in a summer course, which eventually led to her acceptance into the prestigious film program.

After graduating from NYU, Vargas moved to Los Angeles, where she worked at various studios, including Universal, Disney, and Sony. Here, she honed her skills in creating digital content for different mediums and became one of the few experts in multi-platform storytelling at the time. Vargas and her boyfriend also started a successful digital media production company catering to studios, production companies, and artists.

However, Vargas soon realized that she wanted to prioritize telling her own stories rather than solely focusing on client work. She recognized the storytelling potential of television and decided to study it at UCLA's screenwriting program. Thriving in the program, Vargas developed multiple television series and gained knowledge in the filmmaking process.

In 2012, before graduating from UCLA, Vargas won a digital series lab contest organized for NYU alumni in LA. This win led to the production of three episodes of the web series "Dark Profit," starring Henry Rollins. The series garnered positive feedback from NBCUniversal Television Executives, leading to Vargas receiving a production grant and further episodes of "Dark Profit." The series premiered on DirecTV and was even nominated for two Emmys in the interactive category.

Vargas's success in television and film has not only been limited to storytelling but also extends to development and creation. She has sold projects through pitches and plans to pitch two more now that the industry strike is over. Throughout her journey, Vargas has faced challenges as a Latino woman in a white male-dominated industry. However, she has remained resilient, navigating gatekeepers and promoting diversity in the industry.

She has been a vocal advocate for underrepresented communities in the entertainment industry and has attended events like "Color Entertainment," which focuses on executives and producers of color. Vargas understands the difficulties faced by people of color in the industry and believes in the importance of creating spaces for diverse voices to be heard.

In her interviews and discussions on platforms like Clubhouse, Vargas shares her experiences and insights, inspiring others to pursue their passions and make a difference in the industry. Through her movement, "New Hollywood," she aims to break down barriers and create opportunities for marginalized voices to thrive.

Evette Vargas's impact goes beyond Clubhouse. She has created a legacy of innovation and inclusivity in Hollywood, proving that with determination, talent, and a strong voice, anyone can make a difference in the film industry. As an accomplished writer, director, and producer, she continues to pave the way for future generations and redefine what it means to be a storyteller in the new Hollywood era.


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