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105: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 105 – Script Writing Tips: Is your script pitch ready?

In a recent podcast interview titled "Is Your Script Pitch Ready?", Leah Saint Marie and Angel Murphy, the founders of the pitch, joined host Floyd Marshall Junior to discuss their unique podcast and provide insights on script pitching in the industry. The interview explored their backgrounds, experiences, and their journey into the world of filmmaking and writing.

Getting Started in the Industry:

Leah Saint Marie, an investigative journalist turned filmmaker, shared her journey of pursuing her passion for writing and film. With a degree in creative writing and investigative journalism, Leah recognized the power of journalism in scriptwriting and storytelling. She attended Point Park University and later moved to Hollywood. Initially offering her services for free to build her resume and connections, Leah emphasized the importance of investing time and effort to improve one's craft and gain experience. Angel Murphy, on the other hand, began his career as an actor and later ventured into writing. Acting classes introduced him to the world of scripts, ultimately inspiring him to explore writing. He highlighted the significance of honing one's skills through continuous learning and practice.

The Power of Working for Free:

Leah and Angel discussed the value of working for free in the initial stages of their careers. They drew parallels with other professions, such as athletes and actors, who invest significant time and effort before achieving success. The duo stressed the importance of being passionate and curious about the work, as this drives individuals towards improvement and eventual recognition. They emphasized that the investment made in one's craft during the early stages often pays off in the long run.

Leah's Impactful Work as an Investigative Journalist:

Leah shared her experience working as an investigative journalist, highlighting the significance of her work in helping exonerate a man who had been wrongfully convicted for 25 years. Her dedication to accuracy and the high stakes involved in such cases underscored the importance of meticulous research and reporting. Leah's work in the field of investigative journalism instilled in her a deep sense of purpose and shaped her approach to storytelling in the film industry.

The Pitch Podcast:

Leah and Angel co-founded "The Pitch", a podcast where screenwriters have the opportunity to pitch their scripts. The duo also introduced a segment where industry actors read the first three pages of the screenplays. This unique concept provides screenwriters with valuable feedback and exposure. The pitch podcast aims to answer questions regarding script pitching and provide aspiring writers with new perspectives and strategies.


Leah Saint Marie and Angel Murphy's podcast interview shed light on their respective journeys into the film industry and their unique approach to script pitching. Their emphasis on continuous learning, investing in one's craft, and the power of working for free resonates with the challenges and dedication required in pursuing a career in the creative industry. Through their podcast, Leah and Angel aim to provide valuable insights and opportunities for aspiring screenwriters, helping them navigate the competitive world of script pitching.


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