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108: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 108 – Delores M Flynn – From Journalist to Award-Winning Filmmaker

Delores M Flynn is a writer and director who has made a name for herself in the film industry. With a background in journalism and a passion for storytelling, Flynn has successfully transitioned from reporting on city government and entertainment news to creating critically acclaimed films. In this podcast interview, Floyd Marshall Jr. explores Flynn's journey from being a full-time journalist to a full-time mom and, ultimately, a highly accomplished filmmaker.

A Storyteller at Heart

Flynn's love for cinema and storytelling began at a young age. She fondly recalls crafting stories with her grandmother and continued to pursue her passion while studying at Northwestern University. It was during graduate school that she discovered her affinity for screenwriting, which eventually led her to the world of filmmaking.

Taking the Plunge

After putting her writing aspirations on hold to raise a family, Flynn decided it was time to pursue her filmmaking dreams. She enrolled in a film school called Motion Picture Institute and was immediately immersed in various aspects of filmmaking. Despite having no prior experience with cameras or equipment, Flynn embraced the hands-on approach and quickly fell in love with directing.

Multiple Accolades and Awards

Flynn's talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed in the film industry. Her short films, "The Color of Hate" and "mama," have been selected in multiple film festivals and have earned her an impressive 24 awards. These films tackle important topics such as interracial love and postpartum depression, showcasing Flynn's ability to tell compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

Speaking Out on Domestic Violence

In addition to her short films, Flynn recently directed a short called "Why Me!?" that raises awareness about domestic violence. The film premiered last year to a private audience with support from HAVEN, a nonprofit organization that helps domestic violence survivors. Flynn's commitment to shedding light on important social issues through her work highlights her dedication to using film as a powerful medium for storytelling and advocacy.

Feature Films and Collaborations

Flynn has also directed two feature films, "Cut Throat" and "The Easy Path." "Cut Throat" is currently streaming on Tubi, and "The Easy Path" is awaiting distribution. In addition to her own projects, Flynn has worked on commercials and independent film sets throughout Metro Detroit. Her impressive list of credits includes collaborations with notable names such as Pepsi, Gal Gadot, Cazzie David, and Elisa Kalani.

A Bright Future

With her passion for storytelling and her ability to captivate audiences, Flynn's future in the film industry looks promising. Her journey from journalist to filmmaker serves as an inspiration to others who may be considering a career change or pursuing their creative aspirations. As she continues to tell powerful stories and make a mark in the industry, Flynn's impact as a writer and director will undoubtedly continue to grow.

In conclusion, Delores M Flynn's transition from journalism to filmmaking is a testament to her passion, talent, and determination. Through her short films and feature films, she has proven herself as a skilled storyteller, earning numerous accolades and awards along the way. Her ability to tackle important social issues and collaborate with industry professionals showcases her versatility and commitment to her craft. As Flynn's career continues to flourish, audiences can look forward to being moved and inspired by her future projects.


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