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112: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 112 – Script Writing: Untangling the knots and Unleashing the Potential of Your Story

In a recent podcast interview, Shannan E Johnson, the CEO and founder of The Professional Pen, shared insights into the world of scriptwriting and storytelling. Johnson, a former executive at the Syfy channel, has transitioned into a script consultant extraordinaire, helping writers navigate the complex landscape of Hollywood.

During the interview, Johnson discussed her journey into the film industry, recounting how she quit her job, drove to Los Angeles, and embarked on internships to gain experience. She highlighted the pivotal moment when she realized the importance of understanding the business side of television, a facet often overlooked in traditional film school education.

One of the key points of the discussion centered around the challenges Johnson faced as a development executive, where she was told to be "seen but not heard." This directive, which discouraged her from fully participating and learning, profoundly impacted her confidence and growth in the role. Johnson emphasized the importance of creating an environment where aspiring professionals can ask questions, make mistakes, and fully engage in the learning process.

As the conversation delved deeper, Johnson shared her approach to script consulting, which she described as a blend of teaching, therapy, and coaching. She emphasized the need for writers to tap into their vulnerabilities and put themselves on the page to create impactful stories. Johnson's technique involves using life experiences to inform storytelling and vice versa, fostering a deeper connection between the writer and their narrative.

The interview also touched on the mission of The Professional Pen, a script consultancy that aims to empower writers and guide them through the development of their screenplays. Johnson highlighted the importance of having a coach in the writing world, drawing parallels to the mentorship and guidance found in other industries such as sports, acting, and life coaching.

Throughout the conversation, Johnson's passion for storytelling and empowering creatives shone through throughout the conversation. Her relatable approach to sharing knowledge and dedication to helping writers build confidence and competence in navigating Hollywood were evident. Listeners were encouraged to follow Johnson on YouTube and Instagram for a steady stream of valuable insights and guidance on scriptwriting and screenwriting.

In conclusion, Shannan E Johnson's podcast interview provided a glimpse into the world of script consulting and the journey of a former executive turned script consultant. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and educational environment for writers, coupled with her deep understanding of the nuances of storytelling, makes her a valuable resource for aspiring creatives seeking to unleash the potential of their stories.


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