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114: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 114 – Canadian filmmaker Matt Power – the making of – What If It Was Me?

Canadian filmmaker Matt Power recently shared a heartfelt and moving story on a podcast interview, discussing the making of the feature film "What If It Was Me?" The film, produced by Mark Schneider, tells the true story of two brothers and the devastating accident that forever changed their lives.

The film revolves around the Miley brothers, Buddy and Jimmy, who were both star athletes in high school. Buddy, a talented quarterback, became paralyzed from the neck down after a tragic football injury. The film portrays the bond between the two brothers as they navigate the challenges brought on by the accident, ultimately leading to a heart-wrenching decision.

Mark Schneider, who wrote and produced the film, had a personal connection to the story as he too found himself paralyzed in a foreign country, mirroring the struggles of his friend Buddy. The film serves as a tribute to Buddy and a reflection on the sacrifices made by Jimmy in caring for his brother.

Matt Power, the director of the film, shared his experience of receiving an unexpected email from Mark Schneider, a stranger at the time, who wanted him to direct the movie. Initially skeptical, Matt decided to take on the project, leading to an incredible journey that would change his life. The film was completed in 2019, but tragically, Mark passed away shortly after its completion.

The film "What If It Was Me?" delves into themes of love, brotherhood, devotion, sacrifice, drama, and sports, offering a powerful and emotional narrative that resonates with audiences. It explores the complexities of familial relationships and the lengths one would go to for a loved one in need.

During the podcast interview, Matt Power reflected on his journey into the film industry, starting as a volunteer on a production set in Canada. His passion for filmmaking grew over the years, leading him to pursue formal training and ultimately direct projects like "What If It Was Me?"

The conversation with Matt Power on the podcast highlighted the profound impact of the film and the personal connections that drove its creation. The story behind the making of "What If It Was Me?" serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bonds of family.

As Matt Power continues to share the story of the Miley brothers through the film, he honors the legacy of Mark Schneider and the message of hope and compassion that the movie conveys. The screening of the film in the Philadelphia area is set to be a poignant tribute to Mark's vision and the enduring power of storytelling in cinema.


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