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118: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 118 – Miranda Bowden Parker – Protecting Black Voices in The Writers Room

Miranda Bowden-Parker, a well-known author and screenwriter, recently sat down for an enlightening podcast interview with host Floyd Marshall Junior. The conversation delved into Miranda's journey in the film industry, her advocacy for black voices in the writers' room, and her experiences breaking into the entertainment business.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Miranda found solace in writing from a young age. She penned her first story about a mushroom invasion of Earth at just eight years old, showcasing her creative spirit and storytelling abilities early on. Despite initially pursuing a career in Human Resources and Finance, Miranda took a leap of faith in 2018 to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

Miranda's debut novel, "Caitlin," delves into themes of family secrets, nightmares, and secret societies, earning her recognition and opportunities to venture into television writing. She has worked on various TV shows, including Disney's "Pretty Freekin' Scary" and AMC ALLBLK's "Partners In Rhyme," showcasing her versatility and talent as a writer.

During the podcast interview, Miranda shared insights into her unexpected entry into the film industry. She highlighted the importance of having a compelling story, emphasizing that rules and industry formats can often be overlooked if the premise is strong. Miranda's journey serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact of a good idea in capturing the attention of industry professionals.

One of the key topics of discussion during the interview was Miranda's advocacy for black voices in the writers' room. She emphasized the importance of truthfully portraying black experiences and perspectives in media, ensuring authentic representation on screen. Miranda's dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and promoting diversity in storytelling reflects her commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Miranda Bowden-Parker's podcast interview with Floyd Marshall Junior shed light on her remarkable journey as an author and screenwriter. Her passion for storytelling, advocacy for black voices, and determination to break barriers in the industry serve as an inspiration to aspiring writers and creatives. Through her work and advocacy, Miranda continues to make a meaningful impact in the world of entertainment, championing diversity and inclusion in storytelling.


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