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121: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 121 -TheBlkScript.com: A Platform Flipping the Script in Hollywood and Beyond

In a recent podcast interview, Kevin Marable, the founder of Black Script, and Jessica Mifflin discussed the inception and growth of their platform, TheBlkScript.com. The platform, which is updated automatically every 5 minutes, aims to showcase and highlight Actors, Screenwriters, and Filmmakers of Color and Diverse backgrounds. Through a vast Script Library, a growing Social Community, and Educational Resources, TheBlkScript.com provides an opportunity for individuals to gain more Visibility and Representation within the industry.

Flipping the Script for People of Color

Kevin Marable, an aspiring screenwriter, noticed a gap in the industry where stories about people of color written by people of color were not easily accessible. This realization led him to create TheBlkScript.com, a platform dedicated to hosting screenplays and teleplays specifically written by Writers of Color. With the support of Jessica Mifflin, the platform has evolved into a movement for actors, filmmakers, directors, and producers of color to showcase their talents and stories.

A Platform for Inclusivity and Representation

The Black Script aims to provide a space where individuals can submit their screenplays, films, documentaries, and even music scores. By offering opportunities for talent to showcase their work, TheBlkScript.com is bridging the gap in the industry and amplifying diverse voices and narratives. The platform also offers networking where members can interact with like-minded individuals and industry professionals to foster collaborations and opportunities.

Empowering Voices through Feedback and Support

One of TheBlkScript.com's key features is its commitment to providing constructive feedback to screenwriters and filmmakers. Unlike traditional platforms, where feedback may lack cultural understanding, The Black Script ensures that submissions from Writers of Color receive the attention and critique they deserve. By empowering voices through feedback and support, the platform is creating a supportive community for creatives to thrive and succeed in the industry.

Driving Change and Visibility in the Industry

Through their podcast interviews, Kevin Marable and Jessica Mifflin highlight the work of talented individuals and shed light on the importance of diversity and representation in the industry. By sharing stories, experiences, and insights, TheBlkScript.com is driving change and visibility for people of color in Hollywood and beyond. The platform's dedication to showcasing underrepresented voices is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse entertainment landscape.


TheBlkScript.com, founded by Kevin Marable and supported by Jessica Mifflin, is more than just a platform—it's a movement for inclusivity, representation, and empowerment in the entertainment industry. Through their podcast interviews, they are flipping the script and amplifying the voices of Actors, Screenwriters, and Filmmakers of Color. As The Black Script continues to grow and evolve, it is poised to impact the industry and inspire a new generation of diverse storytellers.


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