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123: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. – EPS 123 – Flipping the Script: Horror with a Side of Pancakes with James Moorer

In a recent podcast interview titled "Flipping the Script: Horror with a Side of Pancakes," host Floyd Marshall Jr. sat down with James Moorer, a Cleveland native and best-selling author, producer, and screenwriter. The conversation delved into James's career as a storyteller in the horror genre, his new venture into literary talent management, and his passion for pancakes.

James Moorer's Background 

James Moorer is known for his dark character-driven horror and thrillers. His novel, "TWO FOR THE PAIN: An Eddie Gideon Mystery," is an Amazon Best-Seller. He has also co-produced the award-winning short film "IN THE DEATHROOM" based on a Stephen King story and directed an episode of the series "THE EMERGENT LENS." James's work has garnered him recognition in the industry, leading to opportunities to pen an indie horror film and expanding his reach as a writer.

Expanding into Literary Talent Management 

During the podcast interview, James revealed his decision to venture into literary talent management. He shared that after careful consideration and collaboration with his partners, he decided to offer services to help writers take their material from script to book form. This move aims to empower writers, particularly people of color, by giving them the opportunity to own their intellectual property and navigate the industry with more control over their work.

The Importance of Ownership and Representation 

James highlighted the significance of writers owning their IP, especially in an industry where representation for people of color can be limited. By providing support and guidance through literary talent management, James aims to help writers build their fan base, market their work effectively, and potentially secure deals with larger publishing houses while retaining the rights to their content.

Planning for Success

 In his approach to expanding into literary talent management, James emphasized the importance of strategic planning. By structuring contracts to benefit writers and creating a supportive environment for their creative endeavors, he seeks to be a catalyst for change in the industry. James's commitment to helping writers find success through proper planning and execution reflects his dedication to creating opportunities for emerging voices in storytelling.

Final Thoughts

The podcast interview "Flipping the Script: Horror with a Side of Pancakes with James Moorer" shed light on James's journey as a writer and producer, as well as his new venture into literary talent management. Through his dedication to empowering writers and promoting diversity in storytelling, James Moorer continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His passion for pancakes serves as a symbol of his creative spirit and commitment to bringing unique stories to audiences worldwide.


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