A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr. EPS 27 Angelique Marshall Filmmaker and Author of Augmented Reality Books for Children

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27: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 27 – Angelique Marshall – Filmmaker and Author of Augmented Reality Books for Children


In this episode of "A Conversation With," I sat down with Angelique Marshall - Filmmaker and Author of Augmented Reality Books for Children. We discussed the release of Angelique's first children's book, the (Alphabet Book), and how she came up with the concept for the book.

augmented reality books
Augmented Reality Books by Author Angelique Marshall

Angelique Marshall BIO:

Angel's Awesome Books was founded by Angelique Marshall, an author of augmented reality books for children, mental health counselor, and founder of the successful film production company "Lique Production." Lique Productions specializes in producing independent films, music videos, commercials, and theatre productions.

A natural visionary, Angelique has always had a knack for combining her love of film with her passion for helping people. Combining her two passions led her to the entrepreneurial world, which provided an opportunity to help children with their mental health needs, learning disabilities and tell stories using augmented reality. Her first book is the Alphabet Book, an augmented reality children's storybook that brings the alphabet letters to life with sound effects and narration. For children, AR stories are exciting for many different reasons. First, it's fun to interact with the characters on the page through the use of AR. Second, connecting to characters through their visual and auditory senses makes learning engaging and easier for these children. Angelique's goal is to empower children to succeed in school, live happy, healthy lives, and appreciate the beauty of reading.

As far as her mental health career goes, Angelique Marshall has a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling and has serviced children in the mental/behavioral health and early intervention field for 20 + years. Angelique provides families with instruction to improve child's cognitive development, motor, language development, play skills, behavior management, and social interaction. Angelique develops an individualized Developmental Behavior Assessment plan that outlines the child's physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. Angelique also develops individualized Applied Behavior Analysis programs. Angelique has led teams by implementing treatment plans devised for behavior modification. Angelique also has provided children, adults, and families with individualized and group mental health therapy.

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