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54: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 54 – How to Harness Your Gifts? Kanithea Powell – Filmmaker – Writer -Producer

Kanithea Powell is a woman on a mission. As the CEO and founder of QFN TV, she is determined to provide a platform for diverse voices in the world of film and TV. In our conversation, she stressed the importance of seeing things through to completion. For Powell, this is not only a business principle but a personal one as well. She believes that if you start something, you owe it to yourself to see it through to the end. This is a mindset that has served her well in her career and one that she is passionate about sharing with others.

Here is an excerpt of our conversation

"I have never felt more joy and excitement when I'm opening up my first box of books to hold it physically in my hand; it was amazing. There's something to be said about having an idea following through with it to completion and getting a product in your hand. Now you allow the world to come in and help you promote it, help you get it out there because when you create something beautiful, the world is just as excited about it as you are. But they can't promote it if you don't complete it. So I will say, if you're gonna start something, see it through to completion, can you say that again? Yeah. When you start something, see it through to completion. "

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Kanithea Powell BIO

Kanithea started her career as one of the founding members of the Orlando Black Theatre, the first African American theatre company in Orlando, Florida. There, she directed, produced, and performed in several plays before moving to Atlanta and starting a career as a television producer for a local TV station. In Atlanta she formed Qwest Films Network, and dove head first into the world of film - “Finding Juliet”(accepted in 28 film festivals, winner best short), “Two Minutes Two Seconds” (winner for best screenplay), "For Sale”(winner for best short film), "Humanity" (Winner for Best Short Film, best Makeup and wardrobe, best editing and is still on its film festival run). After making several successful films and winning a few film awards, she moved to DC and released her first book “BUTCH, Never Judge a Butch By Her Cover”. Butch has been featured in several national and global publications like Huffington Post, NY Times, Buzzfeed, Diva, and After Ellen-just to name a few. Butch can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and in over 23 countries.

Now, Kanithea resides in Los Angeles and is the CEO/founder of the new streaming platform QFN TV. QFN is an on-demand streaming platform offering a curated selection of films, tv series and original works from diverse voices you know and a few you have yet to discover. QFN’s content is available online at www.qfntv.com and via app services including iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV and Roku.


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