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81: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 81 – Deborah Richards – Filmmaker – Moving mountains to get it done

Our latest podcast guest, Deborah Richards, is an incredibly talented film director and filmmaker with a wealth of experience and accolades to her name. As a four-time regional Emmy Award winner, she has established herself as a masterful storyteller with a unique perspective on the digital arts. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Richards has directed numerous films and projects that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Looking ahead to her upcoming projects, it's clear that Richards shows no signs of slowing down. Her innovative approach to filmmaking sets her apart from others in the industry, and her dedication to telling meaningful stories continues to inspire other artists. It's always exciting to see what kind of groundbreaking work she'll come up with next.

Overall, we are honored to have Deborah Richards as a guest on our podcast and can't wait to hear more about her creative process and upcoming projects. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with one of the most brilliant minds in filmmaking today.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/live/npeDfQftieg?feature=share


Deborah Richards - Film Director BIO

Originally from England, Deborah RICHARDS is a longtime Las Vegas resident, former world bartending champion, dog owner, and passionate advocate for the arts.

Film director, Deborah Richards, is a four time regional Emmy® Award Winner and creative storyteller with 30+ years of experience in the digital arts.

Known as a Swiss-army knife of filmmaking skills, she is a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor who loves to explore different genres with each new project.


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