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88: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 88 – WGA Strike – Is AI OR ChatGPT good or bad for Hollywood

On our latest podcast, we tackled one of the most pressing issues in Hollywood today - the WGA Strike. As you may know, this strike has been ongoing for several months now, with writers demanding better wages and working conditions from major studios. But what about AI and ChatGPT? Will these new technologies be a panacea or poison for the film industry?

To help us answer this question, I spoke with two veterans (Craig T. Williams & Darion D’Anjou), filmmakers, and writers who have seen firsthand how Hollywood has evolved over the years. They both agreed that while AI and ChatGPT can certainly be useful tools for screenwriters, they cannot replace human creativity entirely. After all, storytelling is an art form that requires empathy, instinct, and imagination - traits that machines simply cannot replicate (at least not yet).

However, my guests also noted that AI could help speed up certain aspects of the writing process such as research or formatting.

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