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98: A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 98 – Making Documentary Films: How to create award winning documentaries with Nazir and Hershey Alston

We had the pleasure of hosting NKA Creations, an acclaimed duo in the world of documentary filmmaking. With a string of prestigious awards under their belt, Nazir and Hershey Alston shared their invaluable insights on what it truly takes to create not just any documentary but one that stands out and goes on to win awards. We dove deep into the captivating history of NKA Creations and explored the innovative approaches this dynamic duo employs to produce such exceptional work. Stay tuned for an enlightening discussion on how to craft award-winning documentaries with Nazir and Hershey Alston.

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Nazir & Hersey Alston of NKA Creations

Film and Media Production Company

NKA Creations is a full-service film and media production company established in 2015, operating out of Philadelphia, Pa. NKA Creation has a healthy track record of curating compelling stories for different brands, needing video production. Specializing in Narrative, Documentary, and Branded Content. Through video, we strive to provide solutions and raise thought-provoking ideas

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