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A Conversation With host Floyd Marshall Jr.- EPS 95 – How to break into acting with acting coach Tobi Gadison

If you've ever dreamed of becoming an actor, breaking into the industry can seem intimidating. But fear not, because, on our latest podcast episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Tobi Gadison – a talented filmmaker, extraordinary actor, and the founder of The Actors District in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

With an impressive resume with roles in popular films such as Dukes of Hazzard, Ray, Just My Luck, and Glory Road, Tobi's experience speaks volumes about his expertise. Not only did we chat about his personal journey as an actor, but we also discussed his role as a teacher at The Actors District.

During our conversation, Tobi provided invaluable insights on what it takes to break into acting and succeed in this highly competitive field. From building a solid foundation to honing your craft through training and networking, he shared practical tips and encouragement for aspiring actors looking to make their mark.

So tune in to our latest podcast episode for an in-depth discussion on breaking into acting with one of the industry's brightest talents.

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Tobi Gadison BIO:

Tobi Gadison was born & raised in Washington, DC and later moved and finished high school in Philadelphia. While there he started training at the world renowned, Freedom Theatre. After high school, Tobi went back to DC and and attended Howard University to study music and business. Thereafter, Tobi relocated to New Orleans and served as a program administrator for L.O.V.E. Clubs (Lifting Our Valuable Esteem) a youth outreach program that was spread throughout several schools across the New Orleans area. With several commercials and leading roles in plays that toured across the country, Tobi landed roles in major movies, which include but not limited to: “Ray”. “The Dukes of Hazzard” ,“Just My Luck” and Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Glory Road”.

Relocating back to Philadelphia, post Hurricane Katrina, Tobi Gadison starred in several plays and independent films, and cofounded Manifesto Consulting Group (MCG), LLC; a creative venture group. MCG developed The Hip Hop Art Program and The Actors’ Institute, which led to MCG being contracted by The United Way to help train their program administrators and affiliates. While in Philadelphia, Tobi starred in a number of independent films. One of which, Myra’s Angel, garnered him The Best Actor Nomination from The American Black Film Festival (ABFF). He also starred and toured across the country in the theatrical productions of The Last Jimmy and Henry Box Brown produced by Dice Raw from The Roots.

Committed to giving back, Tobi Gadison dedicated his time to serve on the Board of Directors and the Artistic Board Committee for the New Freedom Theatre. He also served as the Dir. of Creative & Strategic Planning for iChoose2Live, a company that inspires and motivates young adults through art, education and community outreach, as the strategic planning director on various projects. He has also produced the documentary Generation Next for BET’s Wrap-It-Up Program which targeted how popular culture affects issue such as, bullying, suicide prevention and sexual health issues that affect in youth.

Tobi has produced & directed several indie films and serves as the senior founding partner of a production company called GadCity ,LLC. Under his company, Tobi Gadison launched The Actors District, an actor’s training facility whose actors have been

featured in major films and TV shows including Marvel, Creed and The Upside. 75 to 85% of all films shot in Philadelphia, contain The Actors District actors. Currently, they are actively developing and curating original content for their self-generated imprint, The District Collective. Recently being voted “The Best Acting School” in Philadelphia, The Actors District has launched a second location in Atlanta at Trilith Studios which is responsible for a plethora of Marvel & 007 movies.


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