Our Lastest Podcast Episodes

Miranda Bowden-Parker, a well-known author and screenwriter, recently sat down for an enlightening podcast interview with host Floyd Marshall Junior. The conversation delved into Miranda's journey in the film industry, her advocacy for black voices in the writers' room, and her experiences breaking into the entertainment business. Growing up in Los Angeles, Miranda found solace […]
In a recent podcast interview titled "On A Mission: Mike Dennis and the Fight for Black Film Restoration and Empowerment," Michael J. Dennis, also known as Mike D or Mike Dee of Reelblack, shared insights into his journey as a filmmaker, educator, and curator in Philadelphia. With a deep passion for black film and empowering […]
Award-winning writer and director Chrys Phillips recently sat down for an inspiring podcast interview with Floyd Marshall Junior, where she shared her journey of overcoming adversity and ultimately becoming a successful filmmaker. Phillips, who hails from Australia, has made a name for herself in the industry with her acclaimed TV drama series "Counter Play" and […]
In an exclusive podcast interview, author, screenwriter, and actress Briana Cole shared insights about her journey in the entertainment industry and her creative process behind Tubi's hottest films. Briana, a talented and versatile artist, has made a significant impact in both the book and film industries, authoring ten novels and penning scripts for several successful […]
Canadian filmmaker Matt Power recently shared a heartfelt and moving story on a podcast interview, discussing the making of the feature film "What If It Was Me?" The film, produced by Mark Schneider, tells the true story of two brothers and the devastating accident that forever changed their lives. The film revolves around the Miley […]
In a recent episode of "A Conversation with Floyd Marshall Jr." the talented and multi-hyphenate Danita Patterson graced the virtual stage. Patterson, known for her work in the film industry and her dedication to her non-profit organization Destiny's Outreach, captivated the audience with her insights and wisdom. Patterson's journey into the world of arts and […]
In a recent podcast interview, Shannan E Johnson, the CEO and founder of The Professional Pen, shared insights into the world of scriptwriting and storytelling. Johnson, a former executive at the Syfy channel, has transitioned into a script consultant extraordinaire, helping writers navigate the complex landscape of Hollywood. During the interview, Johnson discussed her journey […]
In a recent episode of the A Conversation With Floyd Marshall Jr. podcast, award-winning filmmakers Graham Streeter and Alex Lebosq discussed their journey in the film industry and their commitment to creating thought-provoking and socially impactful films under their company, Imperative Pictures. Graham Streeter's Artistic Evolution: Graham Streeter, the writer/director behind films like "I May […]
In a recent podcast interview, filmmaker Omegia Keeys and actress Tinesha Lynn shared insights about their latest film, “Fractured.” The movie delves into the complexities of mental illness, sex trafficking, and the blurred lines between reality and psychosis. Omegia Keeys, the film's writer, drew inspiration from personal experiences and a desire to shed light on […]