Our Lastest Podcast Episodes

The podcast interview titled "Inside Hollywood - Black and Underpaid- a Story in Numbers" brought together Cheryl Bedford, Roni Davis, and Emelyn Stuart to discuss the challenges faced by women of color in the film industry. The conversation shed light on the disparities in pay and opportunities for women of color compared to their white […]
Delores M Flynn is a writer and director who has made a name for herself in the film industry. With a background in journalism and a passion for storytelling, Flynn has successfully transitioned from reporting on city government and entertainment news to creating critically acclaimed films. In this podcast interview, Floyd Marshall Jr. explores Flynn's […]
In a recent podcast interview with host Floyd Marshall Jr., James "Doc" Mason, a seasoned screenwriter, producer, and consultant, shared his insights on crafting a compelling logline that captures the attention of Hollywood executives. His book, "Mastering the Logline: How to Excite Hollywood in a Single Sentence," serves as a guide for aspiring writers to […]
Imposter Syndrome, a phenomenon where individuals doubt their own abilities and fear being exposed as fraud, is a prevalent issue in various industries. In a special edition of "A Conversation With Floyd Marshall Jr," a podcast hosted by Floyd Marshall Jr, some esteemed professionals in the black film industry came together to discuss this topic. […]
In a recent podcast interview titled "Is Your Script Pitch Ready?", Leah Saint Marie and Angel Murphy, the founders of the pitch, joined host Floyd Marshall Junior to discuss their unique podcast and provide insights on script pitching in the industry. The interview explored their backgrounds, experiences, and their journey into the world of filmmaking […]
Tubi, a popular streaming platform, has undergone significant changes in recent years, which have raised concerns about the impact on black filmmakers. In a podcast interview, industry experts discussed the evolving landscape of Tubi and how it might affect content creators of color. The panelists included Omega Keys, Tawan Bazemore, Hillard Guess, and Tiffany Yancy, […]
Mary Patel-Gallagher, a Philadelphia native, has transitioned from being a political journalist to an independent filmmaker based in Las Vegas. In a recent podcast interview with Floyd Marshall Junior, she discussed her journey and the challenges she faced in the film industry. Patel-Gallagher shared insights into her career change, her documentary "Electile Dysfunction," and her […]
In a recent podcast interview with Floyd Marshall Jr., Joanne Butcher, a renowned consulting producer, discussed her expertise in fundraising and securing funding for independent films. With over 100 filmmakers under her guidance, Butcher has facilitated the sale of numerous feature films and participated in the distribution of 17 successful projects. Her vast experience and […]
Our podcast guest, Evette Vargas, shares her insights on the future of Hollywood and her groundbreaking work on Clubhouse. Watch on Youtube ========== Evette Vargas, an award-winning writer, director, and producer in the film industry, has created a movement on Clubhouse and beyond known as "New Hollywood." Through her work and advocacy, Vargas has been […]